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  • 26/05/2017
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             The nursery wing functions as an extension of home. The teaching is informal with a specially designed curriculum to facilitate the psycho-motor skills.

             The focus is on learning by doing. Hence all learning is through play and pleasurable activities. Childrens are exposed to the rich experiences of daily life and are helped to learn social behaviour and proper communication skills.

             Classes 1st and 3rd follow a well balanced academic curriculum with English, Hindi, EVS and Mathematics as the core subjects. Whereas, Kannada, Computer Science, Moral Science, Music, Dance, Art & Craft , Life skills and Physical Education are considered essential support subjects.

             Computer aided learning through Smart Class and various other activities form an integral part of the teaching-learning process.

             In Classes 4th & 5th, in the place of Environmental Studies, there is a segregation of Science and Social Science, English, 2nd Language/Kannada, Mathematics are the core subjects and Computer Science, Moral Science, Music, Dance, Art & Craft, Life skill; Environmental Education and Physical Education are part of curriculum.

             Classes 6th to 7th have 3rd language along with above mentioned subjects.